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04-20-20 Emily Gray

Sparkbox presented a free, online conference for digital studios and teams.

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Accessibility Talks

Speakers: Kasey Bonifacio and Corinne Ling

Kasey demystifies the 13 WCAG guidelines and shows examples of each guideline in action, empowering you to improve accessibility in your projects. Corinne shares how to advocate for accessibility on your team.

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Design Systems Talks

Speakers: Ben Callahan, Lina Calin, and Ethan Muller

Ben shows how to sell design systems, helping you respond to key pain points and take opportunities to get your executive team on board. Lina shares why building organizational buy-in is critical for a design system, how to go about building that buy-in, and a success story from one of our clients. Ethan helps create common understandings of design systems and how design and development teams can work together to build more than just components.

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Sustainable Software Talks

Speakers: Ryan Cromwell, Austin Munhofen, and Bryan Braun

Ryan demonstrates strategies for maintaining a shared software solutions vision and techniques for guiding its evolution in a safe, sustainable manner. Austin shares three tips on how to nurture a healthy, productive PM-tech lead relationship and why everyone, not just PMs, should be talking more about incorporating this role into their technical projects. Bryan shows you what it takes to build a zero-maintenance web application and the trade-offs you have to make when optimizing for maintainability.

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User Experience Talks

Speaker: Julie Young

To create digital products that truly serve the user, you have to verify assumptions about what those users want. Julie Young serves up easy ways to incorporate first-person user research.

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