How to Submit a Conference Talk: A Guide for Web Designers and Developers (Video)

01-28-19 Catherine Meade Sparkbox

Catherine has spoken at web industry conferences around the world, and now she’s offering her tips on how you can too. Learn how to create a proposal that effectively communicates your great ideas and why you’re the right person to share them.

If you’re interested in speaking at a conference but need some guidance about how to create a proposal that stands out, Catherine is here to help. Catherine has spoken at web conferences around the U.S. and world, including CodeMash, ConvergeSE, and JSConf Iceland. In this tutorial, she offers tips on how to create a conference submission that will get your talk accepted.

Catherine’s conference submission tips include:

  • Have someone review and edit your abstract before you submit it.
  • Know that your abstract, if accepted, will likely appear on the conference’s website, so make sure it appeals to not just conference organizers but also conference attendees.
  • Be specific about your topic and the points you’ll cover. The more detailed the better.
  • Consider creating personas and tailoring your conference talk to the interests and needs of those attendees.
  • Include links to any published writing or videos that could bolster your credibility as a speaker.

Good luck applying to conferences! Keep us posted about where your talks are accepted. We might even see you there.

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